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Canon LV-7590 | Service Projector Jakarta | Service Infocus

Written By lampu lcd murah on Kamis, 02 Juli 2015 | 20.15

Canon Projector LV-7590 MultimediaProjector

The LV-7590 is Canon’s brightest projector, delivering a generous 7000
lumens. Ideal for large venues, the 1800:1 contrast and new Colour
Control Device work together to deliver stunning images.


  • 7000 lumens
  • 1800:1 contrast ratio
  • Colour Control Device for vibrant colours
  • Motorised lens shift, zoom and focus
  • DVI-D and 5 x BNC inputs
  • Auto-cleaning air filter
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Range of five interchangeable lenses
  • Optional Network Imager

High brightness, high contrast, high versatility – the ideal large venue projector.

Powerful Output

Add impact to every presentation with our brightest projector to date.
Delivering a generous 7000 lumens output, the LV-7590 is built for
large venue performance. An efficient optics system and native XGA
resolution keep images razor-sharp – up to 400” diagonal.

Vivid colours

An 1800:1 contrast ratio works with the new Colour Control Device to
deliver the most vibrant yet true-to-life colours imaginable.
Particularly noticeable on reds and greens, the system delivers up to
20% improvement in colour space.

Low-cost 1.3x Zoom Standard Lens

The LV-7590 is supplied without a lens. However, it can easily be
paired with the LV-IL05 – a low-cost, high quality 1.3x zoom projection
lens - designed to cater for the most common installation

Interchangeable Lens Range

For those situations where the standard lens is unsuitable, the LV-7590
can adapt with ease. From an ultra-wide angle option - ideal for rear
projection - through to ultra-long-focus zoom for maximum throw
distance, the range of five lenses ensures that every installation
scenario is covered.

Motorised Lens Shift

Vertical and horizontal lens shift capabilities ensure easy image
placement without any loss of quality. Vertical shift can be varied
between 1:1 and 10:0 (50% of image height), while horizontal shift can
be adjusted between 3:2 and 2:3 (10% of image width).

Versatile Connections

The LV-7590 incorporates an HDCP compliant DVI-D port, traditional
D-sub 15 terminal and 5 x BNC ports for high image quality over long
cable runs. In addition, this model is newly equipped with two audio
inputs and one audio output, for integration with external sound

Easy Maintenance

An auto-cleaning air filter keeps the projector running smoothly when
installed in hard-to-reach locations. The filter material is
automatically refreshed as required, ensuring the LV-7590 continues to
deliver reliable performance for up to 10,000 hours.

Mechanical Shutter

To avoid unwanted light leakage, this model is equipped with a
mechanical shutter. The shutter instantly turns the projection screen
completely dark – useful for scene changes during presentations or
theatrical performances.

Network Imager

Canon's optional LV-NI03 Network Imager provides extensive remote
control and alerting capabilities. Images can even be delivered to the
projector via the network, enabling the possibility of remote

Canon LV-7590 | Service Projector Jakarta | Service Infocus
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